Should You Work with Family?

Quite often during a job search it may become necessary to take a temporary job while you continue your search. Many individuals find themselves being offered temporary work from family members who either own a business or may have work they need to do themselves. Here are some things to consider when taking this type of work.

Consider the Relationship

It may seem like an easy fix to the lack of income, but before you jump at the opportunity you should consider the relationship you have with the individual first. Do you and this individual have a good, strong relationship that can weather bumps, or is it already a strained relationship? If you already have a strained relationship with this family member, working together could be a death blow. Working with family can be very stressful because of the level of personal feelings that are involved. In a normal work situation, people do not take things quite as personally as they do when working with family. You should carefully consider the dynamics of the relationship before working together.

What is Being Offered?

You should also carefully consider exactly what the family member has in mind. Are they offering your temporary work, or are they hoping you are coming on board with their business permanently. Make sure you are both on the same page in this respect. If you only want temporary work, make sure they understand this and that if a better job comes along you will go for it. Not clarifying this could lead to hurt feelings and the impression that you abandoned the job.

Are There Other Options?

If you are concerned about the job straining the family relationship, you should carefully consider if you have any other options. If you do have other options you should probably pursue those first rather than risk straining your family relationships.

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