Readjusting to Work After Maternity Leave

You’ve given birth, which is one of the biggest achievements in life. You’ve fallen completely in love with your baby. Perhaps your job has given you a few weeks or even a few months’ time off for maternity leave.

While some women decide not to work after giving birth, you want to balance a career with motherhood. You plan on going back to your job tomorrow, and you have to admit, you feel all out of sorts about it.

What should you expect? How are you going to adjust again? Here are some useful tips for new moms.

Take your time. You may have been gone for quite a while. The office hasn’t changed much, but you may have missed some new projects or acquisitions. It’s okay to feel out of the loop. Sit down with your boss or manager and have a long catch-up session.

If someone took over your job while you were gone, talk with them, too. Ask about any new assignments, projects, contacts, and clients you missed. If this employee was only a short-term hire and is leaving now that you’re back, get their contact information so you can reach out if you have any questions.

Try to concentrate. If you’ve never been apart from your baby before, going a whole day without them can feel terrible. You might want to call home every chance you get to make sure your baby is okay. However, you’re here to do a job. You can’t spend the whole day caring from your baby from the office. You need to concentrate on the task at hand.

Have some stress-busting ideas ready. Whether that’s exercise after work, a relaxing bath, or even vegging out in front of the TV while the baby’s sleeping, you need to be able to combat stress. Between caring for a newborn and working full-time, life will be a delicate balancing act. Eventually, it will get easier.

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