How Can You Use Social Media to Boost Your Chances of Getting a Job?

Social media can be one of your biggest assets in a job search today. Whether you’re seeking your first job or making mid-career movements, it is always a wise plan to take the time to make sure your social media accounts are primed to help you make an outstanding first impression on potential employers.


Make sure you’re connected with leaders and thought leaders in your industry. Don’t forget to join and participate in groups. Provide insightful commentary in these groups and really let your knowledge in your field show. This, above all other social media interactions will help you advance your career goals as you make more and more connections in your field.


Eliminate posts about your partying days. Let your account reveal that your partying days are over and that you are now devoted to family and career. Share stories that are relevant to your industry and comment on these stories when appropriate. Let potential employers see that you are informed and on top of the latest developments in your field.


Connect with people in your industry. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and start conversations with real leaders in the industry. Make connections and be a constructive part of the conversation.


Get rid of sexy selfies and other questionable images. Instead, opt for clean photos that reveal you as you want potential employers to see you. Look for opportunities to present yourself as part of a team and a leader in the community. These are the types of people companies want to hire. Not selfie superstars.

In all matters of social media avoid hot-button topics like religion and politics as they are incendiary and could turn employers off. Some for fear of association and others because it goes against their own ideologies.

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