Growing Business Sectors

Economic forecasts by the CBI predict GDP growth to more than double this year from 2013 numbers. Despite worries by David Cameron about a European and world economic slowing, the UK’s economy is coming back to life again. Here are some of the industries leading the charge, as well as some jobs within them to consider pursuing:


Home building was one of the first sectors to improve when the recession began to abate, and growth in this area continues. Jobs in both commercial and residential real estate are set to become more plentiful in the coming quarters, including work for builders, architects, materials suppliers and real estate agents.

Internet-Related Creative Services

The Internet has revolutionised business, so it’s no wonder jobs related to creating quality website content and online marketing are growing as well. Jobs in web design, animation, search engine optimisation, social media management and online marketing will all be available in the coming year.


A growing population in both the UK and worldwide is sparking the need for more agricultural tech and development. Jobs in the areas of research and development, as well as the implementation and management of these technologies, are expected to grow and proliferate in the foreseeable future.


The Law Society of England has indicated that jobs in the legal services sector such as attorneys and legal support staff are expected to continue trending upwards. The need for legal services tends to rise along with the rest of the economy, so this trend is indicative of a larger improvement in the UK and worldwide.

Service and Hospitality

The British Chambers of Commerce reports that the services sector is expected to continue grow, driven largely by a higher use of hotels. As people become both busier at work and have time and resources for vacations, service jobs will require more staffing.

As the economy gradually improves, certain sectors will lead the charge. Consider seeking employment in these key areas of growth.

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