5 Workplace Trends to Expect in 2017

With the economy and technology advancing at lightning speed, the workplace is inevitably affected. The following is an overview of the top five workplace trends you can expect in the coming year:

1. A Trade of Cushy Perks for Benefits with More Substance

More recent iterations of the tech boom have led to extravagant, non-essential workplace benefits like catered lunches, on-site massage therapists and nap rooms. Watch for more functional and substantial benefits to be offered instead, such as comprehensive health care packages and increased amounts of paid leave.

2. Data Science Informing Human Resources

Data scientists will become a closer ally of HR departments, helping to streamline logistics, marketing, and employee engagement through tracking, A/B testing, performance rating systems and regular job satisfaction assessments.

3. Increased Automation

Get set to see more automation in 2017 and going forward as well. In addition to the manufacturing and transportation sectors, industries like retail and finance will also see automation enhancements.

4. A Focus on Professional Development

Perhaps as a response to increases in automation, 2017 will also bring a larger focus on the professional development of staff. In many cases, humans will still be required to run this technology. Professional development will help employees to better embrace and function in their new roles in relation to machines and technologies.

5. Evolution of the “Gig” Economy

Businesses like Uber, Taskrabbit and Airbnb are already providing extra income via short-term gigs to millions of workers. Look for this “gig” economy to evolve in 2017. Additional businesses using smartphone apps as their interface will allow even more people to work from anywhere and have more control over their hours.

Technology and the economy seem to change from month to month. Look for these five workplace trends to gain traction in the coming year.

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